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June 12, 2012

Normally, most of the book chatting on here is in relation to children’s books, with the occasional middle grades chapter book thrown in.

But I’m a big girl, and I have big girl tastes, too.  Which includes some “guilty pleasure” reads.

And after waiting for 528 people ahead of me on the library “hold” list to finish… it’s finally my turn for a little guilty pleasure.

Sure, I could have bought the book months ago.  But I always have a stack of others to read, so I waited this one out.

And there’s something great about the feeling you get when that long-anticipated read finally arrives in your hand, isn’t there?

I see a couple of late nights in my future.

What are your guilty pleasures?  Those books or authors that have nothing to do with children or parenting or professional development or even blogging, but are just pure entertainment?

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