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March 23, 2012

Let me introduce you to Preschooler.

She is my first-born.  And fits the first child descriptionperfectly.  She is extremely loving, empathetic, and protective.  She is also stubborn, headstrong, and fiercely independent.

She is a learner.  Her naturally inquisitive nature means that we are talking/learning/exploring all the time.  She will start preschool in the fall and has been talking about it for a year already.  The former teacher in me notices that she has a strong auditory learning style.  Especially if what she is learning is set to music.  So here’s where I’m hoping somebody out there will have some ideas.  I confess:

Early childhood education is NOT my forte.

Elementary?  I know how to teach those kids. Preschool?  Eh. I just can’t get in their little heads.

And yet, I have this 3 year old who shows a definite interest in learning her numbers and letters.  She can count almost to 20 (she has a few random number skips), can recite/sing the alphabet, and can correctly identify a handful of numbers and letters.  She would like to know more, and I’d like to be able to help her out, but she’s not a visual kid and so many of the tactics I’ve seen are not sticking.  Any thoughts on how to teach an auditory learner avisual skill?  More particularly, a 3 year old auditory learner?

I should add that I’m not in any huge hurry, and I realize that she’s still very young.  But recognizing numbers and letters aren’t beyond the realm of possibility, especially since she’s showing the interest, right?

And it would really help the dinner-making process if she was not systematically pulling each and every  letter magnet out if it’s orderly row (that she created) on the fridge and demanding, “Mommy, what this one?!”

Thoughts?  Ideas?  Links?  Blogs?  I’ll take ’em all!

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  1. Molly says:

    Unfortunately, the only real way to teach a preschooler is with time time time (something we’re all out of!) Thomas learns best by repetition, songs and flash cards. He’s just two but the amount of knowledge he gets from circle time at school every day is astonishing! He can count to 13, recognizes all main colors and shapes including pink, black, white, rectangle and oval (ofal.) He can also say who the president is and what number president he is as well as recite (mostly) the pledge of allegiance. It is absolutely amazing and has very little to do with me. That’s why we send them to school! I had always said that if I didn’t teach preschool I wouldn’t put my kid in until they were 3. I’m rethinking that for my next baby in light of how much Thomas has learned.

    Do you know the Leapfrog Letter Factory song? I highly recommend it for teaching early phonics. Also a floor puzzle like this one http://www.amazon.com/Melissa-Doug-Alphabet-Express-Puzzle/dp/B00146LV6Q/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1332529912&sr=8-2 is great because each letter has it’s own train car/puzzle piece. Hope this helps!

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