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February 25, 2015

We’re having a big week.

We finally, FINALLY, had our 100th Day of School yesterday. This is after 3 snow days last week kept pushing back the celebration.

A celebration that, for one particular kindergartener in this house, was much anticipated. There was a 100 items guessing game, a writing activity for the hallway, and a special treat at snack time of trail mix comprised of ingredients brought in by the students (100 pieces each, of course).

And then during the day, they each answered this question:

Yeah, you know my husband and I both “awwww-d” over this, right?

We are so fortunate that she has a wonderful teacher who has so encouraged her this year. And y’all…the kiddo is so stinkin’ proud of herself and her ability to read independently. It sounds cliched, but it has opened up a whole new world for her.  And more than anything, that’s why kindergarten teachers (really, *all* teachers) are so important. The more confident those kids are, the more proud they are of their accomplishments (even the little ones), the harder they’ll push themselves.


Hooray for 100 days of reading 🙂

But then!

To add to the excitement of the week, it is also the 5yo’s turn to be the ‘Star Student’ in her classroom. This comes with all sorts of privileges, like having your own photo collage on the bulletin board, and being line leader, and getting a book at the end of the week from your classmates about all the things that make you special.

The other part of being the Star Student is getting to bring in a favorite book, and, if possible, a guest reader to share it. So this morning, I had lunch with a table of giggly 5/6yo girls, and then was a guest reader in the classroom.

This is the book we shared:

In her class of 25(ish) kids, about half had heard it. The other half were first-timers.

Any guesses what page was their favorite?

Hint: It’s always fun when an adult says, ‘naked’ and ‘underwear’ in school 😉

Hooray for kindergarten teachers (and all teachers) who make sharing a favorite book part of a child’s celebration.

And hooray for any teacher who can keep 25 5 and 6 year olds sitting criss-cross apple sauce and quiet.

They’re special people.



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