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January 26, 2015

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For me:

The Witch’s Boy

Kelly Barnhill

I’ve been reading this until I fall asleep every night, wishing I could stay awake longer.

This One Summer

written by Jillian Tamaki, illustrated by Mariko Tamaki

I’ve been exploring the new-to-me genre of graphic novels. This one falls solidly under the category of YA, including its content and degree of intensity. Still, a very quick read and I’m finding myself emotionally attached to the main character.

For the kiddos:

You and Me

by Susan Verde, illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

Because I’ll read anything and everything Reynolds puts his name to. And never be disappointed.

Nana in the City

Lauren Castillo

Flat-out adorable read with an urban setting. Huge hit with both of my kids, even though it’s a “quieter” book. Which just proves there’s still the need for those types of stories. My 3yo calls this, “the superhero book.” 🙂


by Mac Barnett, illustrated by Jen Corace

You remember the game of Telephone, right? Adults can tell from the get-go where this story is going. It does require a little bit of sophistication to get the punchline. It went right over my 3yo’s head, but my 5yo got it. And then asked to read it again.

The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend

by Dan Santat

For child, or loved one of a child, whose had an imaginary friend.

The Pigeon Needs a Bath!

Mo Willems

Can’t go wrong with a Willems! At least not in this house.

The Baby Tree

Sophie Blackall

Sophie Blackall eloquently and age-appropriately tackles the age old childhood question of, “Where do babies come from?” And her illustrations are, as always, stunning. Backmatter also includes suggestions for continuing the conversation.

Stay warm this week, those of you in the Northeast!

Happy Monday, Friends!

What are YOU reading this week?

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