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June 21, 2013

Is this my third post this week?  That may be a record around here lately!

The day after Memorial Day, my husband left for a 3-week business trip, leaving me with our 18mo and 4yo.  Alone.  Outnumbered.

Since hiding under the bed for 3 weeks wasn’t an option, we just jumped in with both feet.  It looked something like this:

480: hours in total (really? that’s all??)
400: hours spent on 2 bathroom renovations (may be *slightly* exaggerated)
60: meals served
20: bedtimes
4: solo pool trips
2: BBQs attended
2: number of times lawn was mowed with non self-propelled mower (what? that’s an accomplishment!)
2: Farmer’s market excursions
1: Pennsylvania bridal shower (3 hours in the car each way)
1: Preschool Closing Ceremony

Also, I completed and worked on several revisions of a new manuscript and started drafting out another.

You’ll notice “blogging” didn’t make the cut.

With the exception of a few post/commitments I already had scheduled, blogging fell to the wayside.

But he’s back, and we’ve shifted back into our two-parent routine, and my head is not quite as Poltergeist-spinny-ish.

Which is good.

And also?

Bless those of you who are single parents.




Happy Friday!


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