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December 19, 2012

Once Thanksgiving is over, I pull out the basket of holiday books.  These books only come out for a short time this year, and we read through them from the beginning of December till about mid-January.

But there are two books that I have not yet shared with my little darlings.  Stories that they’re familiar with, and would enjoy, but that I just don’t trust to put into their careless little hands.

The first is a Golden Book copy of Frosty The SnowmanThis book was printed in 1981, but contains the original 1950s illustrations.  The binding is torn, evidence that it was well-loved by other careless little hands.  My name is printed on the inside cover in my elementary-era handwriting.  It even has that “old book” smell.

The other is a 1980 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Golden Shape Book.  It’s paperback, frayed…and marked for sale at $.59.

I can’t even find copies online, with the exception of Ebay (see Rudolph link).  The closest I can find to my copy of Frosty is here, but my version is actually physically larger.  And when I type in the ISBN number, I get a completely different book entirely.

Which makes these books even more precious, and makes me want to hold them a little closer.

Yet another part of me says that these books are meant to be shared.

So maybe I will.

Under very close supervision.


Do you have any childhood books that you’ve kept from your own children?  Do you have any that you share, but with trepidation? 


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  1. I have an old copy of mother goose nursery rhymes that I loved as a child. I found a copy at a yard sale and bought it since mine was at my mom’s house but the kids don’t like it as much as I did.

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